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This is a great alternative to having “girls night out”, baby showers, birthday parties, crop night, and so much more!  It’s a great way to have your closest friends get together and have a scrapbook store right at their fingertips!  You can bring your own food.  Snacks and drinks included.  Down Payment:  $25 (Fee will be determined upon specifics of your needs) 


We know that there are MANY of you out there that WANT to preserve those memories for your children, parents, grandchildren, family, etc - but just DO NOT HAVE THE TIME or the PATIENCE to put together a good looking, quality scrapbook.  So, we're here for YOU!!  

Talented Owner/Designer Jane Geilenkirchen LOVES to work on your projects. Give us a call to set up a time to get those books finished for generations to come.  We do our very best to get to know what your style is, and exactly what it is that you're wanting to showcase in your album!!!

You make the decision as to how many pages you'd like for us to complete, and how many photos you'd like to have on each page.  Would you like for them to be lightly or more embellished?  Based on those decisions, we ask that you please make a deposit of $50 to cover supplies. I charge $5 a page plus supplies.

Once you are satisfied and the album is complete - we will assemble the album for you - and you will have a beautiful custom-made Scrapbook album complete!! 

If you have further questions you can email us at sales.ejds@gmail.com or give us a call at (308) 650-9940.


We have a studio, stocked with lots of awesome tools and accessories at your disposal!  If you’d like to come in and work on your projects, we invite you to come hang out with us!! $5.00 is the fee if you’d like to use any of our crop room tools Cricut (We ask that you bring your own mat or purchase one here), punches, scoreboards, die cut machine, and lots more!)  If you prefer not to use any of our tools, just to come and utilize the tables and space,  there’s no charge!!  Double check our Event Calendar to make sure that there’s nothing going on in the crop room for that day – before you head over!! 

Very rarely is our crop room closed, but occasionally we do have to close it down while vending at some Scrapbooking Crops out of town-come join us!


May will be here before we know it - and YOU will be scrambling to create the PERFECT Graduation Board / Display /Centerpiece/Memory Piece!!  Take that off your list to do and let me create those perfect board/centerpieces for your special event.  

We also make other Custom Boards, such as Retirement, Memorial, Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, etc!

EllaJane Design Studio looks forward to working on your precious projects!



  • EllaJane Design Studio
    McCook, Nebraska 69001
    • EllaJane Design Studio
      McCook, Nebraska 69001
    • Phone: (308) 650-9940
    • Email Address:  info@ejds.online
      Website:  www.ejds.online
    Phone: 308-650-9940
    Email Address:  info@ejds.online
    Website:  www.ejds.online